Frequently Asked Questions

In the USA, most states enacted anti-spam laws during the late 90s and early 2000s. These have since been pre-empted by the less restrictive CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 . Spam is legally permissible according to the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 to send bulk email provided it follows certain criteria: a "truthful" subject line, no forged information in the technical headers or sender address, and other minor requirements.

1. Why does my excel list have a column that displays #### hash marks I can't read it?

That means you have text that is wider then the cell. At the top of the page where it says the cell (A,B,C...) on the cell that has the #'s on them. Move mouse to the right in between the 2 cells (mouse will show arrows pointing in 2 directions. Double click your left mouse and it should auto adjust the width of that column.

2. Can I Send Bulk Email with your company software?

Yes we have the best rates and deliverability for a high volume bulk mailer on the planet.

3. Do good list have the category in the email?

NO!! Example a list category for MLM marketing that has all its emails like this ( or this means your list was most likely harvested and NOT opted-in. People that have an interest in something rarely have an email address to reflect it and a list that shows like this is usually not opt-in and has been harvested with automated software and those emails have been pulled of website's, blogs, and news groups.

4. How do I order Email Lists?

You can purchase bulk email lists by click on the Buy Now buttons and entering in your payment and list details Here.

5. What payments do you accept?

Master Card and Visa. The payment forms on our website are 100% Secure. We do not keep any credit card data on this server.

6. When I purchase an Email List is it mine to keep?

Yes all purchased lists are completely yours to use over and over, you are only charged once for emails lists and you will never be billed again. You can send bulk email to your purchased lists as many times as you like as you have ownership of the list.

7. Do you offer Support?

Yes we will help you with any questions you may have please contact us with specific questions. If you have questions on sending bulk email we have a full time support staff within your software account, simply log in to the bulk email software and open a support ticket.

8. What format do the list come in?

The email lists format are Microsoft Excel .CSV The lists can be opened with Microsoft Excel or Notepad. If you have a special request please make a note upon ordering. If you want to download a Free Excel viewer you can do so here. This viewer will allow you to open, copy and paste your lists.

9. How do I receive my Email List?

The email list will be emailed to you within a few business hours. If you have not received your email list within 48 business hours check your spam folder. We also have had known issues with AOL and some other small outdated providers like comcast. Please call us at (888) 667-3452to notify us of this problem. You can also open up a support ticket via the live help and we will upload the list in a reply. We recommend a free gmail bulkemail account from google to be sure you receive all the communication from us and your other business contact in the future.

10. How can I cancel my account(s)?

You can contact us with your First and Last Name, Email address, and and your account ID, and we will be happy to remove you from the monthly billing cycle. We will confirm the removal via email reply.