Email Lists by Zip Code & Email lists by City and Lists by State

Target your specific market and pinpoint your potential clients by purchasing email lists by zip code, email lists by city, or buying email lists specific by state. This is a cost effective way to get quick sales and awareness and narrow your target market.

What information is included in these lists? The list will include the Email address, First name, Last name, Address, Zip Code, City, State, Phone number, IP address, Website Source, and Date and Time the lead was opted in.

This list is your to keep and you can use it over and over. This is an effective method of targeting and requires a computer tech to hand cut this list. Provide your details and below to get an estimate on the email totals and final pricing.

What do the targeted lists cost?

The cost is based on a per City, Per State or Per Zip basis and not necessarily the total amount of emails pulled in that specific location. We will email you a total count and final price. You targeted email list quote is 100% free of charge and you are under absolutely no obligation to purchase anything from us.

Special Order Email List Pricing

$124.95 per Targeted Email Lists by City (estimate)
$99.95 per Targeted Email Lists by Zip (estimate)
$195.95 per Targeted Email Lists by State (estimate)

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Opt in Email Lists

Buy email lists by zip code. With you get to keep the email list thus building your brand with every successful bulk email campaign. Bulk Email marketing has quickly become one of the most efficient ways to get quick sales, and great awareness for your product, service and website.